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Featuring Autistic Contributors


It’s heartbreaking to see autistic kids not getting their needs met…

Once you finally see how important it is to support autistic kids with an ND affirming approach, you want the whole world to know what you know. 
You desperately want your kids to be celebrated for who they are and given strengths-based therapy that supports their needs…
But you quickly realize that not everyone else can see what you see. And when you try to communicate what you know to be true, you notice that compliance based therapy and deficits-based language has been used for so long, people have a hard time seeing past it.

If you’re a therapist, you TRY to educate others. But you find that…


your energy is completely drained after trying to educate everyone about everything. It’s like fighting an uphill battle on a frozen hill while wearing ice skates.

you feel like no one listens to you or cares, and you fail to get buy-in and consistency from teachers, paras, and parents.

you feel like there’s a barrier because compliance-based therapy is what many caregivers and professionals end up doing, and you’re not sure how to convince them without coming off as threatening.

you don’t have the authoritative “stash” of resources you need to prove the effectiveness of ND affirming practices and to back your statements up when talking to parents & team members.

And if you’re a parent…

You want the best for your kid. You want to help them reach happiness, and you know there’s something missing from your child’s therapy...

...but you aren’t sure where or how to start pushing for it.

You might feel intimidated to talk to a clinician with a Master’s degree in a field where you have a hard time speaking their language. 

…and you may feel like you don't have the credibility or resources to really be taken seriously.

 And these are huge problems, because…

You CAN’T do this alone!

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to create change by yourself. Teams and parents NEED to work together to make this shift.

Our autistic kids need consistency, and you’ll always be running into resistance unless you can find a way to educate others efficiently. Because right now, you’re like a fish trying to swim up Niagara Falls.

You might even find yourself shrouded with guilt because of your inability to make progress…

Maybe you feel like you could be… should be doing more… like you should be making more of an impact… but you just can’t!!!

Let me release you from that guilt, because this isn’t your fault.

If you’re a therapist, you’re already spending all your time in therapy… doing so many notes… working on reports over the weekend. You’re doing everything humanly possible for these kids, and NOBODY has the energy or the resources to do it all.

And if you’re a parent, you can’t expect yourself to have all the answers yet. Understanding neurodiversity affirming therapy is a sharp learning curve, and educating the world about it is even more difficult.

But something has to change.

So, what CAN you do about it?

If you’re pro-ND, you can give the same speeches over and over…


…but do you really have time to keep giving the SAME speeches over and over to everyone?

If you’re a therapist, you might have 70 kids on your caseload, which means up to 140 parents plus team members. 

You’d literally have to educate hundreds of people with your OWN time just to make an impact where you’re at!

This may work for one topic at a time, but it’s not sustainable and doesn’t provide the kind of full education people need to come on board.

You can try to create your own resources…


but do you really have the time and money to do all that either?

Creating your own stack of articles, videos, and educational content can be both expensive and time consuming (and we’ve already established that your time isn’t expendable).

Plus, it’s difficult to create a resource that includes every concept within the scope of ND based practices.

Chances are, you’re already following certain content creators and stitching things together to send to others...

...but it doesn’t provide you with every piece to the puzzle or render the full impact you wish you were making.

You need something concrete and authoritative


...something to bring people full circle


...not something that’s put together with your favorite bubble gum and some Scotch tape.


Autism Support Resources for Teams 

Featuring 4 autistic contributors

Now it’s easier-than-ever for you to educate parents and teams on neurodiversity affirming approaches.

This is the ONLY complete library of autism support resources to help you educate parents and teams on the entire ND approach.

It’s PACKED with convincing research, quick videos, data, surveys, anecdotes and analogies that you can send off to gently guide anyone from whatever stage of understanding they’re currently in.

No need to worry about trying to back up what you say. The proof is all right there for them to learn from, and it takes only seconds of your time to deliver it.



…the area where education is needed.


Grab… of the short videos, articles, or other resources from your PDF.


... the PERFECT resources to bring them on board.

Imagine being able to shoot off the PERFECT quick video, article, piece of authoritative research, or a short presentation from autistic adults… with just a couple clicks!

Just grab what you need within whatever ND affirming topic you need to teach and easily deliver it in seconds, whether it’s…

✔ Neurodiversity Paradigm

✔ Identity-first language 

✔ Strengths-based approaches

✔ Co-regulation & self-regulation

✔ Self-advocacy

✔ Intrinsic motivation

✔ Validation

And more…

Once you have these Autism Support Resources in your arsenal, you’ll never be caught groping in the dark for something to back up what you say or feeling like you just don’t have time to give people the crucial information they need.

Say “goodbye” to…

feeling like you’re all alone on an island trying to educate everyone about everything.

never feeling like you’re doing enough to help your autistic kids or their parents and teams.

not having enough resources to educate people on everything they need to know to make this important shift.

When you get these resources in your hands, you can…

…finally become the clinically competent trailblazer your autistic kids need you to be.

Meet People Where They’re At

Gently guide people to join an ND affirming approach


“Putting on your war paint” and trying to force these issues only makes enemies and leads to more resistance.

That’s because learning a new approach to therapy can make people feel uncomfortable and awkward. Especially when they’ve done it a certain way for so long. It’s scary!

So we’ve pulled together all of our collective wisdom from teaching these concepts and created content that actually “meets people where they’re at.”

It makes it easy for them to come on board without feeling like you’re trying to shove something down their throats or tell them that “you’re doing it wrong.”

Present concepts in a personalized way


You need to be able to educate people in a variety of ways because each person is unique. 

Some people need to learn based on data and research…

…and others learn better with anecdotes and fun analogies.

When you get your hands on Autism Support Resources for Teams, you get the best of both…


Curation of relevant studies 

(great for convincing therapists)

 Become an authority with all the relevant studies you need to back up what you say and prove the efficacy and validity of ND based therapy to even the most resistant of people.

These resources are perfect for helping clinicians who believe compliance based therapy is the only kind of therapy that is research-based to begin opening their eyes to the validity of ND affirming therapy.

Fun anecdotes, analogies and visualizations to explain concepts 

(awesome for parents)

Give parents and team members easy-to-digest stories, analogies and visualizations to help them understand ND based therapy in a fun, inviting way.

The sheer simplicity and accessibility of these resources make them perfect for educating anyone, especially parents who just need some way to absorb these concepts without being overwhelmed by all the jargon and buzzwords.


Meet The Creators And Autistic Contributors Behind These Resources


Jessie Ginsburg


Jessie is a Sensory Integration trained SLP, founder of a top rated clinic in Los Angeles, and creator of the Inside Out Sensory Certificate for SLPs.

She’s passionate about making sure autistic voices are heard, promoting ND based therapy, and helping other therapists make an impact where they’re at.

When she’s not promoting better therapy for autistic kids, she likes to hang out with her fiance, Chris Wenger (a.k.a., “Speech Dude”) and raise her three beautiful children.

Chloe Estelle

Autistic Co-Founder of OurTism


Chloe’s mission is to listen, empower, and validate adults, teens, and their families in a safe community where skills and tools are shared to build purposeful, meaningful, and harmonious lives.

She knows that it can be lonely when you don't know other Autistics in the world, and how impactful it can be to have a caregiver and team who validates you and lets you know that your experiences are real.

Chloe is a writer, blogger, filmmaker, & photographer — and her favorite color is yellow.

Sam Rowntree

Autistic SLP


Sam is an Australian SLP with a passion for helping people live their best lives, through giving them the tools to live in society and through helping society help everyone to live within it.

She knows what it's like to be shut down when talking about her special interests, and that's why she is committed to understanding her clients' special interests and using them to build relationships.

Sam loves the Korean pop band BTS, and recently took a trip to Vegas to see them in concert.


Jamie Boyle

Autistic SLP, Founder of Speech Baby LLC


Jamie has a passion for neurodiversity-affirming practices, outcome-focused strategies, and research driven approaches that best support children.

She understands how much sensory overwhelm can affect day to day life, and how important it is to understand your own needs and advocate for yourself.

Jamie lives in Philadelphia with her boyfriend and dog, Tootsie — and loves going to the same coffee shop every morning.

KJ Daniels

Autistic Advocate


KJ is an Autistic advocate who is working towards promoting universal acceptance of neurodivergent people. He believes in focusing on the talents that neurodivergent people can bring to society.

He grew up struggling with feelings of shame and low self-worth, and masked his autism for most of his life, which lead to not having a strong sense of self. He believes in nurturing self-acceptance and understanding that self discovery is a lifelong process.

KJ is a San Diego State University graduate who majored in accounting. He loves astrology, nature, and the Lakers.


Get Targeted Resources To Educate On The Most CRUCIAL Topics

Neurodiversity Paradigm 

(value $197)


Inspired by the work of autistic colleagues, these resources will help you to help parents, therapists and professionals understand why we need to reframe autism as a “brain difference” instead of a disease.

This well-researched set of resources is supported by the autistic community and is the foundational step to helping people accept and understand the need for a change in our approach.

✔ Helps you show parents, teachers and professionals that autism is a “brain difference”

✔ Build the foundational knowledge that must be accepted to begin unraveling ND based thinking

✔ Reveals how accepting and loving autistic kids for who they are fosters positive self-identity

✔ And much more…


Identity First Language 

(value $197)

Give parents or professionals a deep look inside why we use identity-first language. 

These resources help lay out the evidence and shift mindsets to those of acceptance instead of being rejection-oriented.

✔ Teaches people why identity-first language matters

✔ Gives examples of what identity-first language is

✔ Explains what masking is and presents evidence based on what the autistic community has to say about it

✔ Help people understand why assuming that we can “fix” or “remove” the autism from an autistic person is unhealthy

✔ Shows how important it is that we love and accept autistic people for who they are

✔ And much more…

Strengths-based Approach 

(value $197)


Show others the research and importance behind a strengths-based approach and why it’s superior to the deficits-based approach they’re so accustomed to. 

Delivered in short, agreeable and digestible pieces, this gives an extraordinarily convincing case for change.

✔ Explains what a strengths-based approach is

✔ Gives examples of the differences between strengths-based and deficits-based approaches

✔ Gives a thorough education about functioning labels and helps you shift people’s minds away from using them

✔ Teach others what it means to “presume competence” instead of assuming incompetence and how that shift can help them understand autistic kids better

✔ Teaches the difference between measuring comprehension and compliance

✔ Explains and clarifies the reasons why compliance based therapy leads to inappropriate goals that don’t fit the child’s true abilities

✔ And much more...

Co-regulation & Self-regulation 

(value $197)


Quickly explain everything parents need to know about regulation as it pertains to functional behavior and communication (and the difference). 

This is one of the most repetitive conversations you’ll have, and you can start shortcutting it with these resources today.

✔ Why behavioristic paradigm isn’t an effective approach to therapy (this is one of the hardest points to get across today, and these resources present a SOLID case for change)

✔ The difference between “top down” and “bottom up” behaviors

✔ Whether a child’s behavior is reflexive or intentional

✔ What it means for a child to be “regulated” or “dysregulated”

✔ How we should be approaching reflexive behavior to help children regulate

✔ How we can come alongside children and “co-regulate” to help them ascend into a state where communication is possible

✔ And much more…

Intrinsic Motivation

(value $197)

Meet therapists and parents in the middle and show them why we’re veering away from rewards-based therapy and moving toward focusing on intrinsic motivation. 

These resources validate the fact that rewards-based therapies are effective in some contexts, and then they gently deliver convincing evidence proving it’s not effective for communication.

✔ The difference between extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation

✔ Explanation of what rewards-based therapy is

✔ When rewards-based therapy IS effective (helps you meet people in the middle)

✔ Why rewards-based therapy is actually counterproductive in communication (based on research)

✔ Approaches that help build intrinsic motivation within children so they actually want to communicate


Plus, Grab These Bonus Contributions From Our Autistic Colleagues & Friends


BONUS: Validation (value = priceless!)


Our autistic friend Chloe opens up and shares with us about…

✔ How it can feel really lonely being autistic

✔ How autistic people are trying so hard, but they often feel like they’re coming up short

✔ How important it is that we listen to autistic people and don’t “shut them down”

✔ How much autistic people need to be loved and supported

✔ The massive positive impact that validation has on an autistic person’s emotional well-being


BONUS: Special interests (value = priceless!)

Autistic SLP Sam

Sam, an autistic speech therapist based from Sydney joins us to…

✔ Help people understand special interests in autistic people

✔ Explain how special interests are a “safe space” for autistic individuals

✔ Share how autistic people can sometimes feel hurt because of how people react to their special interests

✔ Show us how to support and engage with autistic people’s special interests and how doing this can help with bonding, goal writing and communication

✔ Reveal how targeting special interests can help parents and therapists break through and increase communication with autistic people

✔ And more…


BONUS: Self-advocacy (value = priceless!)

Autistic SLP Jamie


Autistic SLP Jamie Boyle (a.k.a., “Speech Baby”) helps open people’s eyes as she gives us an inside look into how she deals with sensory overload. This teaches parents and professionals the need for self-advocacy and helping autistic kids to request accommodations.

✔ Why it’s so important to help autistic kids understand their strengths and the areas where they need support

✔ How she self-advocates when she becomes dysregulated because of sensory processing differences

✔ How she uses “scripting” to self-advocate in common situations when she knows she’ll be dysregulated (like in a doctor’s office) and how she requests accommodations

✔ And more…


BONUS: Self-Acceptance (value = priceless!)

Autistic Advocate KJ


Autistic advocate KJ struggled with low self-worth in his life, and now is a believer in nurturing self-acceptance. KJ shares…

✔ What masking is and why it is so dangerous to suppress natural autistic strengths

✔ Why autistic people might mask

✔ How self-discovery is a lifelong process

✔ How we can nurture self-acceptance and build positive self-concept

A Total Value Of $2,000+

For just $399!










$2000+ Just $399

Finally, Silence The Voice That Says, “You’re Not Doing Enough.”

It can take YEARS to make progress when teams aren’t carefully stitched together with the right information and approaches. And in the meantime?

Your autistic kids are getting yanked around from one approach to the next, never getting the full scope of care they need. 

When you don’t have the right resources or the time to educate others, your autistic kids suffer, and you end up bearing the guilt while you feel paralyzed to do anything about it…

Up to this point, that wasn’t your fault. You didn’t have the time or resources to bring people on board with an ND affirming approach, so you were stuck watching this nightmare day after day.

But with these resources you can make an impact, even if you have NO time… or NO experience educating others!

All you need to do right now is grab these resources and start using them with the teams, parents and professionals you work with.

And together, we can change the world for these kids, one team at a time!


$2000+ Just $399


Will these resources be hard to use?


Absolutely not! When we started creating these resources, here were some of our goals:


  1. We wanted to make sure they helped people cut down time educating others.
  2. We wanted them to be extremely easy to use.
  3. We wanted them to do AS MUCH of the heavy lifting of convincing others of the validity and efficacy of ND based therapy and strengths-based approaches as possible.


With Autism Support Resources for Teams, you won’t have to drain all your energy trying to educate everyone about everything. Just copy/paste one of the resources into an email and blast it off in seconds, and let the resources do the educating for you.

My teams are very compliance focused. How can I be sure this will convince them otherwise?

While I can’t guarantee every therapist, professional or parent will agree with you, I’ve done my best to curate and pull together the MOST convincing evidence for ND affirming therapy that I can.

More importantly, I WAS one of those therapists who was resistant to ND affirming approaches, and I fully understand that this is a transformative process that takes time and requires a gentle touch.

These resources are put together with this “transformation” in mind. They’re battle tested, not only in my own work, but these resources have helped shift the thinking and paradigms of thousands of people around the world, and they are likely to work where you’re at as well.

What if people don’t take me seriously?

Think of it this way…

Before you had these resources, you were just one person, all alone, trying to change the world. AFTER you have these resources, you possess some of the most authoritative and convincing evidence and theory behind ND affirming approaches.

You’ll be able to easily deliver a wealth of research from esteemed clinicians and evidence from the autistic community so you can demonstrate that you're a leader who really knows their stuff.

Afraid you’re too young/new to the field? Just let the resources speak for themselves! They are powerful no matter who's hands they're in.

What if I’m new to neurodiversity affirming approaches?

That’s great! You’re getting a HUGE head start with this pack of resources. Not only will you gain a TON of knowledge from these resources yourself — you’ll still be able to fire them off to others as you become more acquainted.

What if people think I’m trying to “stir the pot”?

The great thing about using these support resources is that you aren’t stuck trying to push your opinion on people. Instead, you’re kindly giving them resources and information that can gently guide them to the truth in a non-threatening way that promotes change with less friction.

What if I’m stressed or anxious to talk to people about these topics?


With these resources, you also won’t have to deal with the stress or anxiety of trying to convince others while you grope for resources to back up what you say. You’ll be able to send them highly authoritative resources without having the stress of communicating these all by yourself.


All you have to do is ask whoever needs education if they’re okay with you sending them something that might interest them (and won’t bore them to death). That’s it! Send it off, and let the resources do the rest.

What if the world won’t change?

You might think your efforts are too small to make a difference, or that the big changes we’re trying to bring about for our autistic kids can only happen with a “top down” approach or through legislation, but that’s simply not true! 


Big changes often come through movements like the one we’re a part of, and your voice and your efforts MATTER a great deal! The problem we’ve identified is that most therapists don’t have the time to invest, or they’re getting burnt out trying to educate everyone with little impact.


That’s why we’ve created these resources. To help you make the most impact and become a trailblazer for this movement and the well-being of autistic kids around the world.


$2000+ Just $399